Welcome to NextTech!

Disrupting digital currency by leading the way in Blockchain Identity Architecture with the sure-fire means to redefine "Digital Asset Managment, Ecosystems, Institutional Recordkeeping, Information Infrastructure."


"Practical Payment Systems, Digital Notarization, Digital Financial Ecosystem".
Next Kiosk provides an access point to the Next Network – the simplest and most secure system for accessing our global network.


"The backbone of the cybernetic economy"
Backing the Next Network is the BlockNext System, which demonstrates CRS, capable of scaling to large, distributed organizations. Blocknext is a Cryptographically secure accounting system that can be applied throughou t the entire value chain of a distributed system like a country, corporation, township, or trade network.


"International Remittance, Payment APIs, and Web Payments"
International remittance is solved. NextPaid allows customers to send value over the web, internationally, instantly, in an accessible, available platform and with the highest level of security possible.